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DiveCareDare is an educational platform in which Tony Isaacson shares his ideas, thoughts, travel stories, photos and videos of all things marine, especially regarding shark conservation and diving with sharks, with like minded people.

Tony is a Diving Naturalist, PADI Instructor, Teacher and Public Speaker. He is a passionate advocate for sharks, sustainability and eco-tourism, and volunteers for Reef Check with a custodial role for the Grey Nurse Shark Watch in Australia between Fish Rock Cave, NSW and Wolf Rock, Queensland.

As a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor, AWARE shark conservation specialist and ocean care volunteer, he has experienced some of the most amazing diving destinations on this ocean planet. This website and its related social media platforms share past, present and future adventures with like-minded divers, volunteers, educators, photographers, videographers and friends.

Tony has logged over 3000 dives in more than 20 countries around the world and explored marine diversity in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans. He looks for points of difference at destinations like the Great Barrier Reef, Kangaroo Island, Komodo, Fiji, Vanuatu, PNG, Tahiti, Galapagos Islands, Mozambique and South Africa.

His pedigree includes scuba diving since 1970, a Certificate IV in training and assessment and being a registered teacher of marine studies since 1977. In 2002, his purposefully designed marine aquarium facilities at Hallett Cove School won the “Best School in Australia” for Marine Education following the personal honour of the prestigious BHP Science Prize for Marine Science Teaching. He was also the inaugural President and a founding member of the Marine Life Society of South Australia.

In 2013, he inspired Navy Clearance Diver and bull shark bite survivor Paul de Gelder and a 60 Minutes film crew to dive with the bull sharks at the Ultimate Shark Encounter in Fiji. He was also a consultant on the making of documentaries on Leafy Seadragons, The Great Barrier Reef (with Richard Fitzpatrick for the BBC) and filmed the underwater footage in Indonesia and off the Queensland and New South Wales coasts for TRAVELTHERENEXT.TV

His “Life is Diving” – the rest is merely ‘surface interval’.

“In the end we will conserve only what we love. We love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.”

Diving Videos

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