Galapagos – Surface Interval

Diving Videos

Check out my latest Gallery photos from our ‘surface interval’ activities whilst in the Galapagos in 2007.

We enjoyed a week in October that year travelling around a select number of islands including Isla Santa Cruz and Isla Sante Maria on board a small live aboard, the ‘Aida Maria’ out of Puerto Ayora.

We had the opportunity to experience both ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ landings in an effort to see the amazingly barren landscape and surrounding seas of these rather remarkable islands.

The water temperatures were cold, about 17-20 degrees C, so diving and snorkelling were limited unless you had a thick wet suit.

But the land based tours were stunning, as was the abundant wild life which was generally completely un-fazed by numbers of tourists wandering through their habitat. Truly a diving naturalist’s dream holiday – we can’t wait to return!

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