Tony Isaacson - Diving Naturalist. As a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor, AWARE shark conservation specialist and adventurer, I have dived in some of the most amazing diving locations on the planet. I have been scuba diving since 1970 and have logged over 3000 dives in more than 20 countries around the world. I’ve documented the marine diversity in exotic locations like Komodo, Fiji, Vanuatu, PNG, Tahiti and the Galapagos Islands. In 2013, I inspired Navy Clearance Diver and bull shark bite survivor, Paul de Gelder and a 60 Minutes film crew to dive with bull sharks at the Ultimate Shark Encounter in Fiji. I was a consultant on the making of documentaries on Leafy Seadragons (for Channel 9), The Great Barrier Reef (with Richard Fitzpatrick for the BBC) and filmed underwater footage in Indonesia and off the Queensland and New South Wales coasts for TRAVELTHERENEXT TV. In July 2014, I headed to South Africa for the Sardine Run and dived with the great white sharks from Durban to Cape Town, South Africa. I’m a great advocate for sharks, sustainability and ecotourism, and I regularly volunteer for Reef Check and Grey Nurse Shark Watch in Australia.

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Paddle out for the Sharks, 8th June 2014, Mooloolaba, QLD

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Paddle Out for Sharks 2014 was held to celebrate World Ocean’s Day on 8th June at “Loo with a View”, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, AUSTRALIA.




Tony is indebted to the organisers of the Paddle out for Sharks events in South Africa for providing the PRESS RELEASE – see separate post.

Paddler shark day

Event posted: https://www.facebook.com/events/189101511286512/

The event was covered by the Sunshine Coast Daily and WIN tv.

Convincing Paul de Gelder and Peter Overton of 60 Minutes Channel 9 to dive with bull sharks in Fiji in 2012 was a rehearsal for the task Tony had for the Paddle out for Sharks event on the 8th June, 2014.

Paul and Tony are not friends. They shared a life affecting experience in Fiji  with bull sharks and, in very different ways, they both wave the flag for the critical role of sharks in ONE OCEAN.

To convince the public and the politicians to replace shark nets and drum lines with smarter technologies will require a step up from Paul’s mantra: IMPROVISE-ADAPT-OVERCOME.

For the sake of human safety, shark dependent ecology and the rays, turtles, dugong, dolphins, whales and non-target shark species that die from existing shark mitigation systems, my view is that we should champion the development and trial of technologies that will improve our knowledge of human – shark interactions and deliver more effective safety for humans without the wasteful loss of charismatic and protected megafauna.

Too close to home:  “Baby dolphin dies in the nets off Loo with a View, Mooloolaba“, see: http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/kayaker-questions-efficacy-of-nets/2223295/

A “JAWS” affected generation must find alternatives to the words “SHARK ATTACK” in our  media and popular culture.  Perhaps “HUMAN-SHARK INTERACTIONS” would be more appropriate.

The Paddle out for Sharks event was about putting “SMART Technology” for shark mitigation out there with “no increase in the GST” for consideration, debate and ultimately action to have shark mitigation and human safety up for public discussion and out of the “TOO HARD BASKET”.


SEPTEMBER 2015 HOT VID PIX: Banded Sea Snake Eats Moray Eel - a fight to the death. Watch what happens at the 3.20 mark... AUGUST 2015 HOT VID PIX: Tears of a Mermaid - On Location: "Tigress" Tiger Shark Shoot Documentary, a Mctrax Motion Production With Jim Abernethy in the Bahamas. MAY 2015 HOT VID PIX: The Insatiable Hairy Frogfish - watch this fascinatingly 'fugly' creature catch and eat its prey. MARCH 2015 HOT VID PIX: Woman romances large eel! Meet Valerie Taylor and her unusual friendship with a large moray eel... FEB 2015 HOT VID PIX: Divers off Costa Rica come across a giant manta ray tangled in fishing line. Watch how it allowed them to free it. What a life changing experience... DECEMBER 2014 HOT VID PIX: Flamboyant Deadly Cuttlefish - a short from Underwater Studios of Malaysia - taken on Kapalai island Sabah. Simply Stunning! NOVEMBER 2014 HOT VID PIX: Glow In The Dark Shark Attack! : Yet another goodie from BioPixels. We have never seen anything like this before, simply creepy but stunning! (Love that Red Epic slow mo camera guys - keep up the good work!) OCTOBER 2014 HOT VID PIX: Milking A Stone Fish: You heard it here! Dr Jamie Seymour from James Cook University talks about how to milk a stone fish, something I am sure we all need to know, ponder on and share, but never to personally try it at home. Love your work Jamie! SEPTEMBER 2014 HOT VID PIX: Ultimate Alien-like Spear Mantis Feeding On Fish In Slow Motion: Dr Jamie Seymour from James Cook University and Emmy Award winning cameraman Richard Fitzpatrick film club and spear mantis shrimps at 1500 frames per second. These guys just have too much fun 'at work'! AUGUST 2014 HOT VID PIX: Great White 4.5M Shark Bites Dive Rubber Ducky whilst filming on an Adventure Tour for the Sardine Run near Mossel Bay, South Africa. Thank you Riener for a fabulous interview on this most unusual behaviour of a great white. JUNE 2014 HOT VID PIX: Helping Out A Yellow Moray Eel - Gold Coast Seaway: Thanks to Dave Wyatt for this fabulous video of your helping out a poor helpless moray caught up in fishing wire as well as three hooks in its mouth. Good job Dave!


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