Diving Videos

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Diving in Komodo National Park, Flores, Indonesia

Diving Videos

 Beautiful corals

Here is a link to a great article of mine just published by TravelThereNext.com – “Diving in Komodo National Park Flores, Indonesia“. It includes some great photos and a fabulous three minute video of diving the underwater world of Flores. Some spectacular footage to view.

I had many fantastic experiences whilst diving in Indonesia in 2013, one of which was spending two weeks on a live aboard in the Komodo National Park with the Bajo Dive Club.  

I hope this article captures just a few of them.


Diving Flores – Komodo, Indonesia

Diving Videos

Check out this great video put together by TravelThereNext.tv from footage I took on a recent dive trip there. There is some very colourful sea life, and some great human-wild life interactions that just make you happy to be alive!


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