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Check out this small collection of wreck diving shots we took when we visited Tufi Dive Resort in PNG, in 2010.

TUFI Resort is a small remote oasis nestled atop a breathtaking fjord, with a 180 degree panoramic view of the sea, fjords and mountains. The resort has an amazing cliff-top terrace overlooking the Tufi Harbour and wharf.


The Tufi wharf is 200 metres from the resort and was originally occupied by the Japanese but was subsequently the site of a USN Advance PT Boat base around the end of 1942.

Many of the wrecks are from World War II and are still in an amazing condition on the sea bed considering their vintage. The wreck dives were mainly around 14-25 metres deep. Off the wharf itself was a large amount of wreckage and debris, including PT Boats, a large concrete boat, empty 200 litre drums and anti-tank barriers.


However, the infamous B-17F Blackjack bomber dive site was around 50 metres, and another deep dive was a well preserved Landrover which was also a decompression dive at a depth of 45 metres. Most of us experienced various levels of nitrogen narcosis on this particular dive, and deco stops were compulsory with a surface interval of 4 hours mandatory before our second dive that day.

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