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DiveCareDare was launched on the 1st July 2014.

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Who, What is DiveCareDare?

DiveCareDare is the brain child of Tony Isaacson, a PADI scuba instructor, marine studies teacher, naturalist and marine adventurer for 30 years.

Tony has been passionate about marine life and the oceans to the extent that his “life is diving….the rest is surface interval”.  Since 1977 his passion has been delivered to students from preschool to post graduates and marine educational associations and clubs. Now he has stepped up to a dot-com to engage a global interaction with like-minded educators, adventurers ocean care volunteers and those who know that an ocean without sharks is a scarier world than one with them.


Three words that can mean many things.

Taken at face value:

Dive the oceans, remote destinations, pristine tropical or cold current waters…

Care for what we love, the seas and the creatures that we ultimately depend on…

Dare to swim with sharks, to be different, to do things differently, to make a difference…

Whatever you believe it to be, DiveCareDare is an educational platform for scuba divers, snorkelers, naturalists and those interested in learning more about diving destinations around the world and how they can help to make a difference for the creatures that live there.

The welfare of sharks is of particular interest and concern for Tony. To overcome a lifelong fear of sharks Tony has turned to the finest locations on the planet to get to know sharks and to respect them and their pivotal role for healthy sustainable oceans.

Tony waves the flag for sharks and marine ecotourism around the world. He has site custodial roles with the Grey Nurse Shark Watch to monitor the recovery of a shark which has been reduced to critically low numbers because they looked ferocious to a generation affected by the 1975 blockbuster movie JAWS.

In 2013 Tony motivated a 60 MINUTES team including well known reporter Peter Overton and bull shark bite survivor Paul de Gelder to dive with bull sharks in Beqa Lagoon, Fiji – the only place in the world where 8 species of shark can be encountered at one dive site.

DiveCareDare has connections with dive travel and diver training.  Tony is a certified PADI Instructor and works along with local businesses to provide training for people aspiring to become Open Water and Advanced Divers.  He operates an Airbnb “divers lodge” for small groups to do local dives or hit the road for camper van safaris and diving charters north and south of his home on the sunshine Coast.

Tony uses videography and frame captures to share what he experiences as a platform for awe, wonder and education. When a fire in our bellies is burning, awareness is heightened and like-minded people can make good things happen for the beasts of this world who cannot speak for themselves.

Tony’s mantra fosters intimate human-ocean life interaction.

“In the end we will conserve only what we love.

We love only what we understand.

We will understand only what we are taught”.

Tony Isaacson is DiveCareDare.  DiveCareDare is Tony Isaacson.


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20 Responses to HOT PRESS  – NEW WEB SITE – DiveCareDare IS BORN

  • Diving Videos

    Chris says:

    What a great website can’t wait to give it a go,my next adventurous holiday

  • Diving Videos

    SteveB says:

    Hi Tony,
    Fantastic website, I hope you and the group have a great time over in Africa. I’m sooo disappointed I couldn’t join you. Tiger Beach and Galapagos next year is a definite goer though.

  • Diving Videos

    jennie and frank says:

    Congratulations, Tony, on your new website. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip – and then all the ones to follow. We can definitely recommend your beautiful place here as a stopover on the way to your dives.

  • Diving Videos

    pat warburton says:

    Looks a fantastic website. I wish you Irene & Tony all the success

  • Diving Videos

    monty says:

    Nice Job, I am a little scared of sharks , but the more I see the more I like them.

  • Diving Videos

    Tjitske Bunnag says:

    There is absolutely no place under the water for me but the website is a testiment to the passion shown by Tony and Irene. I look forward to seeing the ongoing adventures that you both have planned. Congratulations – I am in awe!!

  • Diving Videos

    Catherine says:

    Tony what a great site to foster your passion – have a great trip

  • Diving Videos

    Paul Battle says:

    Congratulations on opening the door to a world of adventure,education and the transformation of dreams into reality.
    Will follow your journey with wonder and appreciation of your commitment to our planet,s abundance….thankyou!

  • Diving Videos

    Corey says:

    What an awesome site. I just had a great time reading over the articles and cant wait for more!

  • Diving Videos

    Jill and Steve says:

    well done Tony and Irene, it looks very informative, colourful and exciting!! Congratulations and I hope it travels many miles in cyberspace…

    • Diving Videos

      Tony Isaacson says:

      Heh thanks guys, we really welcome your support. This is a very exciting time for us both 😉

  • Diving Videos

    Beverley Kelley says:

    Absolutely amazing and so informative and very interesting!!! Keep the good work up Tony and Irene, you get a 10+…Cheers

    • Diving Videos

      Tony Isaacson says:

      Thanks Bev for your great support – lets hope we can just keep on improving and keep the momentum up!

    • Diving Videos

      Tony Isaacson says:

      Thanks Nigel, it is good to get some positive responses, much thanks!

  • Diving Videos

    Trish Broom says:

    Looks great Irene and Tony!
    It has been too long since I have been diving and am inspired to take up the chance to move from Cave Diving to the wondrous world of the tropical areas..As an ex South Aussie…not sure I will go seeking Great Whites for companions, as spent too long looking over the shoulder in years past… but always in for a challenge and folk certainly need to care for these and all the fabulous dwellers of the deep and not so deep…
    Pro-active Education is still the way to take best care of our planet and its inhabitants, and this is an area Tony has always been leading the way – starting with the kids – as educators we need to get them passionate about caring what happens! Maybe they can teach more adults to care too…
    Trish Broom

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