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Liquidlife magazine Sunshine Coast launch at Sealife Mooloolaba QLD

Last night we had the pleasure of attending the official launch of the Coast’s newest and exciting magazine Liquidlife. The brainchild of editor Leisel Walker, the magazine finally came to fruition after months in the making. Liquidlife is a one off. There is no other magazine covering watersports on the Coast so Liquidlife is here to fill a definite gap. The magazine has both an online format and glossy magazine for distribution to shops, cafes, and restaurants around the coast from Caloundra to Noosa. The content covers all things watersports, from stories on local personalities, care for the ocean, the latest in technology, and beachwear fashion connecting watersports with local businesses.

The launch was at Sealife, Mooloolaba – a fitting venue, with attendees surrounded by a backdrop of freshwater and seawater exhibits. There was overflowing beer, wine and champagne, live music and samples of Coconut Groove, a new brand of coconut water. And to top it all, there was a fabulous fashion parade through the 80m shark tunnel of Annake swimwear adorned by flowing komonos, led by Sarah Rose Sellers and her beautiful models.

Liquidlife magazine Sunshine Coast launch at Sealife Mooloolaba QLD

And then of course there was the cursory speech of thanks from the magazine editor. However, Leisel’s speech was a little different. In a slightly uncharacteristic nervous and excited state despite being a school teacher in front of children all day long, she explained to the supportive crowd how the idea of the magazine first came to her and how with the help of her family, friends and most importantly excellent business advice and support from in particular dads of children she teaches at Sunshine Coast Grammar School. Nothing like being well networked through your day time job! They gave her the confidence that it was a great concept and to run with it, and so here we all were, celebrating the launch of the first edition.

Liquidlife magazine Sunshine Coast launch at Sealife Mooloolaba QLD

Leisl certainly has a dedicated team of fellow enthusiasts along for the ride with her. Her journos include fellow friends and teachers from Kawana State School, her graphic artist Marcel is a 19 year old kitesurfing fanatic, and her photographic team are two ‘barefoot beach bums’ she met at a recent girls watersport event, JD and Brendon. These guys may look laid back and super casual, with JD’s signature party work appearance being a beer bottle in his left hand and his trusty camera in his right, but their photos are stunningly superb and worthy of great merit.

So Liquidlife is born. After a great start, here’s to a successful future for the magazine and the team behind it. The hard work and angst was definitely worth it Leisl. Well done in producing such a high end product and keep up the good work!

Liquidlife magazine Sunshine Coast launch at Sealife Mooloolaba QLD

Photos by Tony Isaacson and Brenton Owens.



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