Snorkel with Humpback Whales – Mooloolaba QLD – 10th July 2014

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Later this week Tony will be joining TravelThereNext to experience his first ever snorkel with these gentle leviathans of the sea, the beautiful graceful and enchanting humpback whales. Sunreef Scuba Dive Adventures of Mooloolaba have kindly invited them to go along with them in their first week of their thrilling new commercial venture.

This is a first for Sunreef and for the region, even ahead of the humpback capital of Hervey Bay, near Fraser Island. Credit to Phil and Dan Hart, owners of Sunreef who have managed to bring this exciting touristic attraction to the Sunshine Coast as no where else in Australia can this be experienced. This is going to be a win win for everyone, Sunreef, coast tourism in general and tourists, both Australian and international.

Our current winter water temperatures are around 17-23 degrees C and visibility can be up to 30m. Currently the forecast for mid week is 0.9m waves and 12 knot winds.

He is seriously looking forward to this opportunity and can’t wait to get in the water to be eye ball to eye ball with one of the largest creatures on the earth.  Read his story of the day’s experience in an article soon to be posted on TravelThereNext.com.


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