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Justin Bruhn is a local Sunshine Coast boy from Landsborough.  His ‘day job’ has him acting as a Security Consultant which has taken him around Queensland including the Far North, but he has also worked in the diving industry as as a dive instructor and a passionate underwater photographer.

Justin Bruhn

He has dived extensively around the globe, including Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand and South America. He has a deep commitment to marine conservation, and believes that to save underwater treasures such as the Great Barrier Reef, preserving their images and educating the community is one way to go.

DiveCareDare first met Justin through connections with a local dive operator, both eventually joining forces when Tony took a group of local divers to Beqa Lagoon, Fiji to have a life affecting, shark diving experience, diving with up to 8 different breeds of sharks at any one time.

Justin has a huge, very impressive Nauticam underwater camera set up, and whilst he does do videography, he is increasingly taking more and more still photos, especially wide angle rather than macro photography.

Justin Bruhn and manta ray

His company Pure Underwater Imaging is based in Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and focuses on the fine details and vibrant colours of underwater photography. Being driven to capture the very best quality underwater imagery to share with the world, his collection of exclusive, limited edition underwater fine art prints complement contemporary design aspects of any living space.

His work is regularly shown at the David Hart Fine Art Gallery in prestigious Hastings St, Noosa, Queensland.

Tony Isaacson with Justin Bruhn

The gallery hosts a regular monthly ‘Meet The Artist’ function and this month Justin was their main speaker.  Justin’s exhibition included eight mounted artworks including one of a silver tip reef shark taken at Beqa Lagoon, Fiji.  There was also one artwork of a turtle taken at Lady Elliot Island, and some photos of big eye travelly also featured.

Justin Bruhn

Trevally by Justin Bruhn

Turtle by Justin Bruhn

His work has quite a presence in the Gallery being one of the most talked about artists when people visit the Gallery, and his work presents well as fine art.  It is produced on old style photographic paper and then laminated under acrylic with a gloss surface and no frame.  It is usually poster size, in both landscape and portrait style, and is very impelling to look at.

The evening was well attended by approx. 50 visitors, with some of his fine art prints being snapped up on the night.

For more information on Pure Underwater Imaging, Justin can be contacted through his facebook site – facebook/justinbruhn or via email on info@pureunderwaterimaging.com.

His artworks can be viewed and bought at the gallery, as well as through his web site: www.pureunderwaterimaging.com




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